Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Procession Of Vultures EP

So this is IR002. It isn't the second record I put out but neither is the Whorehouse record my first. I had two records planned that ended up falling through* but this record was recorded by me when I was still in college at the Art Institute of Seattle. I majored in Audio Production and was able to book studio time in 4 hour blocks. I booked one session for basic tracking in the medium sized room, one in the small studio for overdubs and then mixed in another room.

I originally contacted Joey Maas about recording State of the Union, but they had recently broken up. He was now playing in Wormwood but had started this project with another member of Wormwood, Brandon Fitzsimmons, on guitar. Rounding out the band was future Skarp and Snuggle bass player Andy Kress and Dirty Alan from a Kansas band Derailer on second drum kit.

I don't recall if I knew they had two drummers when I booked them, but that is what showed up. I was told that was one of the loudest sessions they ever did at AIS, at least until I recorded Sod Hauler 6 months later. Basic tracking went pretty smoothly, mostly just stopping for timing issues between the drummers. I didn't know what I was doing with the vocals and ended up smashing them with compression, to the point of distortion. They sound awesome to me. The second session was mostly recording a second guitar track that mostly consisted of feedback, and Brandon's vocals. He forgot to take off his braclets and they can be heard a bit in the final scream out of Black, White and Red All Over.

The first mix was not used. Years later, I got the idea of releasing this for my own amusement. They were all down, making sure I knew that there would be little promotion for it. No matter, I just wanted to see something I recorded on vinyl. Joey really wanted to handle the artwork, so he did. He also said he had a guy to print the covers, he failed to mention they would not be cut or folded. Just giant sheets of heavy cardboard. Each cover hurts like hell to fold. I think it looks like one of those post meatl records like ISIS or NEUROSIS or something.

Brandon and I dumped the 2" real into protools and remixed it over a lot of beers at the Wormwood House (I don't know what he calls the place). We then got it mastered at RFI in Seattle, that is where all the early Death Cab and Pearl Jam records get mastered. This doesn't sound like that.

So that is the story of the record. They played maybe three shows in Seattle in 2000 or 2001. The 7" is still available through me, http://www.inimical.com/ , but check it out for free. I hope you like it.

Procession of Vultures - Black, White and Red All Over

*I was supposed to release the Eldopa Discography but that is another story and it is out on Tee Pee. And I was also going to release the Skaven discography, again, another story. Either way, both did not happen.

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