Friday, August 28, 2009

Funerot "Nova II" LP

IR012 - Released July 17, 2007

Copies: LP: 500(Split release with Selfish Satan Records)
Band Status: Active

This one was a split with Ami Lawless's Selfish Satan Records. They have recorded a new LP called "And Then You Fucking Die, Man" I am told it is kind of a concept record, the concept it the record's title. So there you go, the future.

Now the past. This record was originally going to be a 7" that Ami would release and a split 7" with Splatterhouse that I would release. Funerot called me up to see if I would be into just combining the projects, 12"s do much better than 7"s so of course I would. And Ami is awesome so I was very happy to get to work with her in some regard. So that is how that got put together. But that isn't very exciting. I like telling funny stories.

The story of how we met is one such story. It was at the first Goregon Fest that Jason V put on. There is video of Funerot on YouTube somewhere from that show. Anyway, I was drunk as hell and decided I had already stayed up too long to get a good night's sleep so I would just pull it out and go until the next day. I somehow ended up in Jason and Tim (aldebaran, see previous post)'s hot tub. They had just got back from tour and it hadn't been cleaned in a while and dirty things had happened in it. No matter, I just needed to relax. So in I went. I tried to rally the troops, Spring Break! was not up for it, despite their partying ways, Poser Disposer too. A lot of bands just looked at me with disgust. Funerot were the only one's to step it up and get in the tub. And a bond was formed.

In fact we would get in a pool together later that summer at my mother's house, where my mother wanted nothing more than to just touch Max's hair. A rather awkward experience.

And now back to Nova II. It was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Reuben did the artwork on this, and all the rest of the Funerot records. This will never see a CD release, due to Funerot's (and now my) anti-CD views. So why don't you have a copy for free. And get stoked for the new record. It rips.

And here are a couple of flyers for shows I did with Funerot, and to let you know why I do a label rather than graphic design.

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Anonymous said...

This is such an incredibly great record!

Unfortunately, I figured the same would be true for their newest release of "And Then You Fucking Die, Man", which should be called, And Then You Release A Classic Rock Album, Man."

I'll have more fun throwing this thing like a frisbee into a cement wall than using it as a record. So beyond disappointing. SO BAD!!!!!!!!!! What the hell happened?!? UGH! FUCK! ARGH!!!!! Slow and painfully awful. Just all around terrible.