Friday, October 16, 2009

Fundraising Sale this weekend.

Special only good from 10/16-10/18

Since I really need to pull together some money for the Funerot LP "And then you fucking die man", I will break you a deal, if you order a copy of any of the last three releases (Preying Hands LP/CD, Jesus Fucking Christ "Life's Hateful Seed" LP/CD or Cop on Fire "Discography" CD, all $10 ppd in the US) I will throw in one of my older CDs. So you could get the Preying Hands LP and get the Ballast CD too, or both JFC CDs at once or the Cop on Fire Cd and the Oroku CD, quite a combination. Work with me people! I will run this deal all weekend.

You can purchase them at Inimical Records

When you pay with paypal, just add a note about what you would like to add for free. Here is a list of available CDs to add:

Preying Hands "Through the Dark"
Cop On Fire "Discography"
Jesus Fucking Christ "Life's Hateful Seed"
Ballast "Fuse"
Sahn Maru "Never Too Late"
Oroku "Living Through The End Time"
Jesus Fucking Christ "s/t"
Skarp "Bury Your Dead"
Sod Hauler "s/t"

Or if you are buying something on vinyl, since I already have to use the box, you could add:

Slightly Less Than Nothing "Less Fashion, More Thrashin" LP
Spring Break/ Zombie ritual split EP
Procession Of Vultures EP

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